Who is Mbogo 7-2121

Who is Mbogo 7-2121

It doesn’t really matter who Mbogo 7-2121 is… what matters is that the message is not lost in the messenger.


Why Mbogo 7-2121?

Because “A society in decline, has no need for visionaries.” Because dinosaurs eat their young. Because the Message cannot be Lost in the Messenger.

For the purpose of this blog, I will assume the persona of Mbogo 7-2121. I am not hiding behind this persona, (obviously) but it will be helpful to take me, the human-being, out of the discussion as much as possible and focus on the ideas being put forward. It’s not about me, the person. It’s about the ideas, thoughts, problems and solutions, and ultimately the creation of a new paradigm for how the human world can carry-on without destroying the earth and itself in the process.

This blog is a thought-experiment. It is a journey I intend to take you on if you should choose to come along. It is an earnest attempt to envision a better world of Homo Sapiens, and a healthier Earth Homeland. It is not a “Pollyannish fantasy” nor is it intended to be utopian or dystopian in nature. It is a catalyst for conversation and creation. It is a thinking place. It is a place to start, before we as a species reach the place where we devise our own ending. We are coming dangerously close to the edge of our time. Unless we change direction, I believe the Anthropocene, (The Human Era) will come to an end in just a few more generations. With us, we may take most of this world.

As part of this thought-experiment, we are going to create an alternate time and place, and new America that over time, (Whatever “time” is) begins to change the world, for the better. We will explore how we balance human Intellect and Possibilities with Human Liberty and Responsibility. We will seek to answer the question, “How do we improve the condition of the whole, while protecting the autonomy and liberty of the “majority of one?”

If you want to expand your mind and envision Homo Sapiens (Wise Man) as a species that can finally live up to the name we have given ourselves, then come with me, and let’s see what might become, if ever we had the courage to make the hard choices.


The Story Begins…

In the Beginning…

One upon a time, and not very much time, the nation and the world began to unravel. There were “wars and rumors of wars.” There was civil-unrest and an ever-expanding gap between the few wealthy elites and the mass of heavily taxed and dependent workers. There was the warming of the earth and the massive dying-off of many living things. Few birds sang. The honey-bees and butterflies had mostly vanished and with them, wildflowers and fruiting trees were disappearing. Diseases that had traveled as cargo with humanity were exterminating native trees and as shade vanished and streams became warmer the fish and other stream life vanished. The oceans were dying. There was less oxygen to breathe and less fresh water to drink. The air was becoming ever-more polluted.

People and creatures of all walks of life suffered and vanished. Massive migrations of displaced humans and other animals began creating greater conflict over evermore limited natural resources. It all seemed hopeless. And, it was all the fault of human behavior. The future seemed bleak, and it was. But since humans caused the crisis, they could reverse it. All it took was the right mind and the right action. All seemed hopeless, but it was not so.

Once upon a time, there was a man named, Mbogo-7-2121. He was a good man, and nobody knew him. He saw and understood things that most humans did not. He rejected the mantra of the collective and up until now, the collective had rejected him. And he felt great pain as he watched the world collapsing around him. And he wondered, “Do I try to save it, or let it go?”

Mbogo 7-2121 stood up. And the people looked to him for salvation. They plead, “Save us…from us.” He did… or rather, he simply reminded them of all that they already knew. They could have always gone “home.” They simply forgot, how to click their heels.

After all, “The (hu)man behind the curtain,” is you.

Pay Attention.

The Story Continues…



The Anatomy of a Thought Experiment… Creating a New Myth

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

~ R. Buckminster Fuller

This is a Thought Experiment.

You need to suspend all preconceived notions and let go of all beloved dogma. Everything we think we know, is an act of faith. Political World View is a Religion. Spiritual belief is a Religion. Even Science is Religion. They all require us to have blind faith in our individual or collective ability to decipher what we can sense. They are fallible, like us.

Before beginning our journey, we need to understand together where I am taking us and why. To this end, I want us to explore the human-universe a bit. (Don’t worry, it will be a quick trip… hang on.) The following is based in-part on my own perceptions and to a greater degree upon the work of the author Yuval Noah Harari in his magnificent book entitled, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.” (If you have not yet read this book, I recommend that you do.) Here we go…


You might ask…what’s with the name Mbogo 7-2121? I’m glad you asked.

When I read Ayn Rand’s, “Anthem,” it resonated with me, deeply. In this novel, the character who has been given the name of Equality 7-2521 has been assigned his role in society and indoctrinated to believe that free-thought was subversive and selfish. Still, he cannot shake the reality that he does think freely and that for him there is a better way to live. In time he is found out as a “divergent” thinker and is punished, imprisoned, and ultimately escapes into exile.

Whereas Anthem’s Equality 7-2521 escapes by running for his life from the authorities of the collective, Ayn Rand’s character “John Gault” chooses to “go on strike” and leave the world of the collective.  In this time of my life, I find myself embodying both characters. If I ask the question, “Who is John Gault?” I come to the answer, “I am John Gault… sort of.”

For the record, I have devoted my life to service. “Selfishness” has always been a dirty word to me. As much as these stories speak to me, I am not a convert. With that said, the myths of collectivism and capitalism, democracy and kleptocracy, socialism and communism, class-separation and social-equality have all failed us. We need to refocus.

As someone who has worked and lived within the realms of the government, the criminal justice and homeland security systems, religiously organized systems, and academia, I have learned a great deal about the dark side to these planets. As someone who has travel and lived in four continents, I have seen the danger of “tribes,” “collectives,” and other social orders that are based upon the human constructs of “fairness” and “justice,” and “equality.” These myths have their value, just like the myths of “deities” and “heavens,” “markets” and “money.” Still, it is important to keep in the back of our minds that each of these are manufactured myths that are unknown in nature.

I see the value in cooperation; working together was can do great things. Working together, we can also create war, organized crime, oppressive governments and religions, global climate change, and the ever-over-swinging-pendulum of the search for “equality.” It’s a balancing act.

To my mind, I do not see a concern for personal liberty and self-care as mutually exclusive from caring for the earth or the health and safety of other humans. I think that they can be complimentary… potentially… I hope. Few things in the universe appear to be “either-or” propositions.

My concern with collectivism and “social-justice” movements is the difference between cooperation and coercion. In every collective human endeavor from religion to government to education to the local wine club, invariably the partisan-activists and narcissistic-elites take over and in short order freely chosen cooperation becomes corporate coercion and a self-inflicted slavery of sorts. I have never seen an exception to this. “Animal Farms” ensue. Collectivism and Capitalism both have their slaves.

Recently I read an article by an author who was trying to prove that Ayn Rand’s philosophy is dangerous, in practice. The author used Honduras as an example of a “Libertarian” hell. Okay… but another author could do the same using the “socialist hells” of Venezuela, Stalin’s Soviet Union, or Mao Tse-Tung’s China. I posit that each of these flavors of “cool-aid” has failed to meet the expectations that are printed on the box. Furthermore, it’s not helpful to true discovery for us to set out to prove a point; it is better to simple set out and see what you find.

To that end I want to ensure the reader that I am not a member of any tribe. I am not a “Rational Objectivist” or a “Existentialist” or a “Transcendentalist” or a “Stoic.” I am not a “Socialist” or a “Capitalist” or “Communist” and I am certainly not a “Fascists.” I am not a “Christian” or a Muslim” or a “Jew” or a “Buddhist,” or an “Animist.” I have no point to prove. I am a Nation of One and my Religion if I have one is to live a life of Loving-Kindness and Courage. I want you to know where I’m coming from… nowhere and everywhere. Let’s just see where this takes us and what we find.

I suspect that Yuval Noah Harari in his amazing book Sapiens has touched on the only thing that may save us, from us. We must create a new set of community myths. The new myths need to protect individual liberty and free-thought, while promoting understanding that we are all in this together.

As for me and the question of what kind of human world I’d rather create and live in… I’d rather be a deer than a cow. That’s my two shekels. Then again, “Who am I to judge?” I am only a nation of One. I sign on to no single tribe or faith or single way up the mountain. They can all lead us astray. In real life there is nobody who is going to float down from the sky… wave a magic wand and tell us to “follow the yellow-brick road.” We need to create our own path to a better and more responsible world. How do we do that? Got myth?

When you lose everything, you have nothing to lose. We as a species are getting dangerously close to committing suicide, and suicide is according to some, a selfish act. So come with me, and see if A Figment of My Imagination can Save America and by Extension… The World.