Who is Mbogo 7-2121

Who is Mbogo 7-2121

It doesn’t really matter who Mbogo 7-2121 is… what matters is that the message is not lost in the messenger.


Why Mbogo 7-2121?

Because “A society in decline, has no need for visionaries.” Because dinosaurs eat their young. Because the Message cannot be Lost in the Messenger.

For the purpose of this blog, I will assume the persona of Mbogo 7-2121. I am not hiding behind this persona, (obviously) but it will be helpful to take me, the human-being, out of the discussion as much as possible and focus on the ideas being put forward. It’s not about me, the person. It’s about the ideas, thoughts, problems and solutions, and ultimately the creation of a new paradigm for how the human world can carry-on without destroying the earth and itself in the process.

This blog is a thought-experiment. It is a journey I intend to take you on if you should choose to come along. It is an earnest attempt to envision a better world of Homo Sapiens, and a healthier Earth Homeland. It is not a “Pollyannish fantasy” nor is it intended to be utopian or dystopian in nature. It is a catalyst for conversation and creation. It is a thinking place. It is a place to start, before we as a species reach the place where we devise our own ending. We are coming dangerously close to the edge of our time. Unless we change direction, I believe the Anthropocene, (The Human Era) will come to an end in just a few more generations. With us, we may take most of this world.

As part of this thought-experiment, we are going to create an alternate time and place, and new America that over time, (Whatever “time” is) begins to change the world, for the better. We will explore how we balance human Intellect and Possibilities with Human Liberty and Responsibility. We will seek to answer the question, “How do we improve the condition of the whole, while protecting the autonomy and liberty of the “majority of one?”

If you want to expand your mind and envision Homo Sapiens (Wise Man) as a species that can finally live up to the name we have given ourselves, then come with me, and let’s see what might become, if ever we had the courage to make the hard choices.


The Story Begins…

In the Beginning…

One upon a time, and not very much time, the nation and the world began to unravel. There were “wars and rumors of wars.” There was civil-unrest and an ever-expanding gap between the few wealthy elites and the mass of heavily taxed and dependent workers. There was the warming of the earth and the massive dying-off of many living things. Few birds sang. The honey-bees and butterflies had mostly vanished and with them, wildflowers and fruiting trees were disappearing. Diseases that had traveled as cargo with humanity were exterminating native trees and as shade vanished and streams became warmer the fish and other stream life vanished. The oceans were dying. There was less oxygen to breathe and less fresh water to drink. The air was becoming ever-more polluted.

People and creatures of all walks of life suffered and vanished. Massive migrations of displaced humans and other animals began creating greater conflict over evermore limited natural resources. It all seemed hopeless. And, it was all the fault of human behavior. The future seemed bleak, and it was. But since humans caused the crisis, they could reverse it. All it took was the right mind and the right action. All seemed hopeless, but it was not so.

Once upon a time, there was a man named, Mbogo-7-2121. He was a good man, and nobody knew him. He saw and understood things that most humans did not. He rejected the mantra of the collective and up until now, the collective had rejected him. And he felt great pain as he watched the world collapsing around him. And he wondered, “Do I try to save it, or let it go?”

Mbogo 7-2121 stood up. And the people looked to him for salvation. They plead, “Save us…from us.” He did… or rather, he simply reminded them of all that they already knew. They could have always gone “home.” They simply forgot, how to click their heels.

After all, “The (hu)man behind the curtain,” is you.

Pay Attention.

The Story Continues…



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